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Long overdue updates...........

Hey everybody!

It's been so crazy busy, that I considered July to just be a wash, but actually there were so many bits and pieces stirring together, that I am bursting with excitement and a new motivation as we finish up Summer and enter Fall!

Part of the inspiration is the new VIP blog post in the forum from my dear friend Fonta Footman Mitchell. She gives an eye opening boost to get motivated after we've found ourselves in a rut. Make sure you go and check that out!

Next, There are some things brewing concerning what's next for my husband and I as we are now retired from the Army. I think it's going to be SO GOOD.......stay tuned for some traveling updates!

Then there is the upgrade to my brand as I have been working with LaShay Price of LaShay Price Studios and lashayliving to develop my personal brand! Keep an eye on my social media pages for what's to come!

For my local people......tomorrow August 5th I'll be at the NOMA Flea market. It's an upscale vintage market with everything from original artwork, vintage clothing & jewelry, accent pieces for home and now Simply Good Soap! It's from 6pm - 9pm, and I hear there will be a good food truck or two! 2222 Sumter Street. :)

And for all of you, I want to just say thank you and that I appreciate you for being a part of SGS. So August 15th is FREE SHIPPING by using the code: FREESHIP15

Until next time.........

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