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Delivering Natural, Organic Soap (and happiness) Right to Your Doorstep Every Month.

Are you addicted to clean skin, wholesome ingredients, and soaps that you cannot find in stores? So are we! Each month, Simply Good Soap will deliver divine shower experiences right to your doorstep. 

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As part of our VIP experience, you’ll receive our luxury cold-processed soap bars that are non-toxic and free from chemicals that don't belong on your skin or in your soap.

Enjoy organic, vitamin-rich soap bars that will hydrate, comfort, and soothe your skin.

And if you like your cleansing bar with a creative twist, Simply Good Soaps' line of vibrant colors and whimsical designs is like buying a work of art for your bathroom. 

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Say “yes” to happy skin

By Joining the VIP Experience and Enjoying a Number of Benefits and Bonuses, Including:


Organic soap bars, lotion bars, or sugar scrubs created with natural ingredients, like essential oils, plant butter, vitamins, and nourishing oils. (A total of three scents. Items vary depending on the box.) 


($42 value)


Exclusive access to our Simply Good Soap blog and community chats, where you can learn about skincare and emotional wellbeing. 


($99 value)


Early access to new product releases, plus generous discounts on ANY body soap, body butter, body cream, or lotion bar! 


($49 value)


Aromatherapy that is 100% natural and prioritizes healthy skin and people so that the cleanliness of your skin isn’t compromised by toxic chemicals. 



You Can Invest in Your Skin’s Wellness and Beauty. Simply Good Soaps are Uniquely Made to Provide Skin-Loving Ingredients for Your Unique Skin!

For as little as $35 a month, 

Our monthly soapbox is ideal for soap lovers who value sustainability, simple ingredients, and superior craftsmanship from small businesses. 

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We Keep Our Prices and Ingredients Simple so That You Can Take Advantage of Soft and Hydrated Skin Every Month While Trying Out a Selection of Our Exclusive Scents.

you won't find these scents anywhere else

 Plus, you'll gain access to our private community where we regularly share skincare tips and advice on helping you make the most of our products. 

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Our VIP experience only has one downside…

Having to Wait Another 30 Days For Your Next Box Filled With Handcrafted Skincare Goodies. But in The Meantime, Feel Free to Stay Updated on The Blog!

Sign up now to get your box of unique products every month as a VIP member, and indulge your senses with a carefully crafted bouquet of sophisticated scents.

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