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Custom soap bar orders start at 10 bars for $99, send message to discuss scents, and colors.

No International orders unless an APO address

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  • How long will the soap last?
    How long the soap lasts depends on the user. However, keeping the soap dry in between uses will dramatically increase the lifespan. Also, I recommend cutting the large bar in half to save on the soap and make it easier to handle. Many of my customers report that the soaps do hold up well and last for several weeks.
  • Are your soaps free of parabens?
    I refuse to add parabens, or a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, in all of my soaps.
  • Is your soap natural?
    All of my ingredients are naturally derived. This means they come from nature, not a lab! I use things like organic fair trade shea butter, coconut and olive oil. I also only ever use phthalate-free fragrances to make sure that your skin is taken care of just like your purchases take care of other people in the world!
  • Is it good for sensitive skin and babies?
    Yes. Our customers with sensitive skin report great results using our products. Our soaps and lotions are great for babies, too.
  • Does it have a shelf life?
    No, my soaps never go bad. In fact it gets better with age. Some scents may fade after a year, while others seem to never lose their great scents. Either way the soap is still good to use.
  • My order is a gift. do you offer gift wrapping?
    I don't gift wrap, but I can include a personalized note from you to the gift recipient. Say what you'd like me to include by using the additional notes section at check out.
  • How is your soap made?
    I use the cold process method for making soap which, in my opinion, is really the only way to make soap. By using the cold process method and making all of my soap in-house and by hand, I’m able to have full control over the quality of every bar produced.
  • Do you have to use lye when making your soap?
    Yes. It is impossible to make real soap without using lye. However, during the process of making soap, no lye remains in the finished product. 100% of the lye added to my recipes bonds with the oils in the recipe and through the saponification process, becomes soap and glycerin. No lye remains in the final bars of soap. My soaps are all made with an excess of oil (shea butter) so that there is also some of the recipe oils left in the final product as well. This is done to ensure the bars are extra moisturizing. Today’s handmade soaps are far more gentle than they ever were due to advances in supply standardization and more refined measuring. They are made to be gentle to the skin with many people finding them very moisturizing.
  • Do you have any suggestions for sensitive skin?
    A lot of people with sensitive skin, have a sensitivity to the chemicals in the commercial bars of soap available now. But many also have a sensitivity to the fragrance of the soaps. I would suggest starting off with my Aloe & Oatmeal Unscented soap, body butter or body cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

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