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7 Simple Customizable Habits to Start Before New Year

I am NOT a resolution person. Many years ago I tried to follow along with the tradition of having very precise goals at the beginning of a new year, but by February most if not all of my plans had fallen away.

When it comes to preparing for a successful new year, there is no such thing as too early or too late. Here are 7 habits you can customize to your life and start before the new year for a smooth and graceful transition into 2024.

~ Create a morning routine. Because schedules vary in so many ways for so many people that I know, I think it's important to figure out how to start your day well according to your lifestyle. Creating this routine could be waking up earlier, dropping off kids and going for a walk/run, prayer and meditation (alone or with a friend), soaking in the tub.....You get the idea, the point is to form habits that help you be your best and have a productive day.

~ Make a To - Do list. Making lists is a love language for me! I make a to - do list before bed as a way to dump things from my brain and sleep well. As I work through my day, I scratch off and add to this list and it just makes things so much easier for me to keep up with all of my many tasks.

~ Read books. So much of our time is filled with video and movement. If you're not a book lover like me, try finding a book you're interested in and read a chapter a day.

Choose books that align with your interests and goals and gradually start reading more as your habit strengthens.

Eliminate distractions during your reading time, and consider joining a book club or online reading community for added motivation.

~ Journal. First of all, there are so many beautiful journals out there that it's hard to buy just one. Recording your thoughts, experiences, and desires will deepen your understanding of life and yourself. You’ll also be able to set mindful goals for the new year that are in better alignment with your true self.

Choose a journaling style that resonates with you, whether it’s freeform writing, gratitude journaling, or goal tracking.

Keep your journaling session focused and free from distractions, allowing your thoughts to flow naturally.

~ Prayer/Meditation/Quiet. There are some people who view these as separate things but for me they all overlap and intertwine. Prayer is my conversations with God, meditation are the things I put special focus on whether it's scripture, a person or task and then there is a need to just be still. This is also a part of my morning routine and it shapes my day.

~ Exercise. Y'all. I know this is propbably the biggest resolution that people fall short on and I think it's because we try to do too much. Sometimes the plans can be too lofty and we need to be more realistic. Find something you really like.....traditional gym membership stuff, biking, dancing, or even walking. Just make a habit to get up and move!

~ Create a bedtime routine. Just like the morning routine, this is vital to a good night's rest. It can be in the form of self care with a hot shower, lotions and potions. It can be reading or the way you spend time with family, but make it relaxing and therapeutic. It’s an opportunity to release the day’s stresses and take time for yourself, promoting better sleep quality and mental clarity the next day.

Developing good habits before the New Year is like laying a solid groundwork for your future vision.

You’ll be more likely to succeed with your resolutions if you are already in a good zone in your everyday life.

Until next time..............

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