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8 Ways To Stay Motivated During Winter

I'm sure that by this season of life we can all agree that the Winter Blues are real! For so many of us, it's cold, and dreary with little to no sun on most days. This often makes for lack of motivation with lots of frustration.

Some days it takes all the energy you can muster to drag yourself out of bed. While I am NOT any kind of expert, and I'm not talking about clinical depression or anxiety, because you should definitely seek a professional if that's what you're dealing with.

What I do want to share are a few tips that help me to stay motivated and moving.

Tip #1 - Go Outside!

Preferably on a walk or run, but for those of you dealing with truly frigid temperatures, just stepping out on the porch and getting some fresh air can do wonders.

Tip #2 - Make plans for Spring/Summer

Eventually it will be warm again and the sun will come out (singing "tomorrow" in my head), and you can rev up some motivation and inspiration by planning anything from what to plant in your yard to going on a trip.

Tip #3 - Exercise

From Cross Fit to Spinning to Dancing, the point is to just move...working up a sweat helps. As I was cooking dinner last night, I put on my 80s playlist and had a whole party in the kitchen by myself. ;)

Tip #4 - Declutter/Organize

Once you get started it's hard to stop! Whether it's a whole room, closet or just a drawer. This can make you feel like you have accomplished something which can lead to you doing something else.

Tip #5 - Listening to a motivating podcast

In all honesty, I'm not a podcast person, but I know people who say they are the best thing ever. It seems as if every good preacher, speaker, teacher has one, so if you know of some good ones, let me know. I just may try again, but I typically prefer a good book.

Tip #6- Help Someone Else

This definitely takes your mind off of yourself while doing something kind for someone else. Making a meal, walking a dog, or just checking up and chatting are all good places to start.

Tip #7 -Ask for Help

Whether it's someone in your household or a friend of the family, it's a good thing to share that you're feeling down and ask for appropriate help. Maybe go see a movie or to brunch. Or invite someone over to chat because that may motivate you to clean the house. ;)

Tip #8 - Get Creative

Pull out those paints & brushes, yarn to make that scarf or move the furniture around for a fresh look. Do something you've been meaning to do but just haven't gotten around to. Maybe now is the time?

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