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Just Relax and Embrace the Crazy!

Just Kidding! But not exactly................... You know how that week after Christmas and before New Year's Eve everything feels kind of floaty? The days are off and you are just there? Hopefully I'm not the only one. This was me and that week just shuffled into the next three weeks and here we are.

As days ran together and calendars were not syncing I just stopped. I took a nice pause for a few days to accept the weirdness of it all. Then I said ok, let's get this thing going, so here we go...............

January had an absolutely amazing VIP scent to start the year at least smelling great with hydrated, soft skin. I called it Enchanted and indeed it is! I mixed white lily with aloe, blood orange, sandalwood and bergamot. It's fabulous and had body butter, body polish and perfume oil with it.

During my little pause, I thought about how I could do things differently, maybe better and more efficient and so changes are on the horizon. I'll keep you updated (promise). There are things I'm bursting to tell you but it's too soon........

What I will do is give you a sneek peak at the VIP scent for February. It's Little Black Dress and this box is ready for whatever you want to do for the month. The box will have this oh so seductive scent in soap, butter and massage oil.......yeah baby! This is definitely one to upgrade for!

Don't forget there are some exclusive scents in the 3 soap bundles from last year's VIP vault.

I hope your year started well and there are great days ahead for all!

Until next time.

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