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It's June! Enjoy the Simple Things and Get Outside!

The first day of Summer is the 20th, but in many places the weather already has us there. If you look on social media you or your friends may be posting lavish vacations in swanky locations or cruise ships, and this is fantastic when you have the time and finances.

What about your time at home in the everydayness of life? How often do you just go outside…..on the porch or walking through the neighborhood?

I think my recent surgeries have made me more intentional about slowing down and so I thought I’d post a few ideas about staycations and enjoying your own city or town.

~ As I’m typing this, it’s just started pouring down outside and that makes me think about indoor picnics. Literally putting a blanket and pillows on the floor and getting food and maybe even board games and just having a nice afternoon or evening. It sounds simple, but when was the last time you did it?

~ Is there a brunch spot, boutique or some other kind of store you’ve been meaning to go to but you’ve always got stuff to do? It’s just like driving home a different route….Just Do It.

~ Museums and Art Galleries. I just found out some of our local places here in Columbia are FREE for the Summer, so we will definitely be checking some of these out.

~ Revisit a good thing about your growing up. Ike has been talking about Icy cups here lately, so I’m going to get styrofoam cups, make up a batch and freeze them until they get nice and syrupy on top. IYKYK. This makes me want to get chalk and go draw a giant hopscotch and teach kids in the neighborhood how to play.

The list could go on, but I’ll let you come up with your own stuff. Just take some time to breathe and enjoy the simple things.

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