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Happy Mother's Day or Not.

It’s May!

We are fully into Spring with rain and flowers and making plans for graduations, weddings and vacations.

One of the bigger things in May is Mother’s Day. It’s a day that’s mostly looked at in a celebratory way, but it’s not necessarily a day to celebrate by all.

You may be a lot like me, who grew up in a hard, toxic household who at best could call your relationship with your mom “estranged” or maybe just complicated.

Mine was a difficult relationship all the way until the end when my mom died in 2020. Our relationship worked best being long distance and we were at a place where the phone conversations were mostly good, then she died and there were so many things I didn’t get to say.

But Praise be to God for His Mercy and Grace! He walked me through all of the emotions and over time helped me see and appreciate the good things I learned from her….even if it was what not to do.

And even with all of the bad things that satan wants me to hold on to, sometimes I miss her.

I say all of that just to say to you that if you have a good relationship with your mom, cherish it. Of course she’s not a perfect person, but neither are you. And if you are a mom remember that love, vulnerability and honesty go a long way in our relationships with our children.

If you don’t have a good relationship and she’s still alive, trust the Lord to guide you. Pray for Him to show you something good. Ask Him to show you how to better navigate the relationship, so that you will glorify Him.

If she’s not alive, ask the Lord to help you……to see something good, to forget something bad or just cry out for help. He knows what you need.

For those of us that are moms…..keep fighting the good fight. It’s hard, but it is a great responsibility that the Lord has trusted us with. I hope you are celebrated well.

I pray that this coming Mother’s Day will be all that you need it be, and that you’ll find rest and peace.

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