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It's May!!!

I almost titled this post as "It's gonna be May" or May the fourth be with you, but decided they were overused already. :) It is indeed are you doing? Things are still crazy and it's good to check in on people and sometimes stop and think about how YOU are.....really, how are you?

Pretty soon Spring will turn into Summer and there are still a lot of unknowns, so do you have a plan(s)? Instead of the way you've been used to doing things, have you thought about a new way? I'm dealing with this as my daughter turns 20 on Friday and my 24th wedding anniversary is the following Monday. I'm trying to be encouraging to my daughter, myself and you as well. This is the time to get creative, to look for the good, still be thankful and have fun anyway!!! Balloons, bubble machines and sparkly things are a good start for me.....what about you?

Well in the middle of all of the fun I'm sure you'll be having you still need to keep your skin happy, so maybe you need a Sanity Soap Sack? This month's is FABULOUS!!! If you're a VIP then you can also find your favorite off season soap on that page!

After the fun and bathing, you may just need a nap.

However you choose to spend your days, remember you do have a choice.......smiles & laughter are so good for the soul.

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