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A Time for Rest and Refueling

Hey there! So it's June 1st and I originally had on my schedule to talk about upcoming soap, perfume oil and this month's Sanity Soap Sack on Facebook Live. I decided against it right now, as it seems weird and inappropriate to grin and talk about soap in light of all that's going on in our country.

While I want to keep business business, it's been a long week and I stepped away from work for a few days, putting myself behind schedule and truthfully I'm tired right now. I am still shipping, there is a new S3 and I'm finishing up the perfume oils.

With things in the state that they are, I pray for justice, healing, and a start to reconciliation across the country. Wherever you are mentally, emotionally and spiritually I hope you have or find the support you need to help you through such a trying time as this.

I'll be back soon.

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