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Me & My Soap.... A Love Story.

Hey there, how are you today? I'd like to share a short story with the intent to get you to think outside the box about love, especially since tomorrow is Valentine's Day. This story doesn't actually have anything to do with tomorrow, as I know lots of people who don't really get into this holiday for many reasons. This story is not about sensual, erotic love.....but about giddy, can't stop smiling, full of energy, I get to do this thing kind of love. It's about why I do what I do.

My soap business didn't start out with me wanting a business. I stumbled across some beautiful blocks of soap way back in the 90s and simply thought, "that would be so cool to know how to make that." Nothing came of it for roughly 15 years and I'm not even sure what the trigger was in 2012 that caused me to step back from a lot of the busy things I had going on to decide that I was going to learn to make soap. So I read and searched the internet and after about a week, I'm standing in my kitchen trying to figure out what to do without setting the house on fire!

Fast forward to 2014 after I've been making soap for a while that people seem to really love and want. My husband nudges me toward the idea of a business and I'm thinking he's lost his mind. I've never done anything like this before. Where do I start?

Well, I figured out how to start and Simply Good Soap LLC was born! Creating is natural for me. I have a deep fondness for beautiful things. All types of art make me very happy and I find inspiration in pretty much every part of my life and the people I'm around. What things are you most inspired by?

What would you love to do if you had time? Notice I said time and not money because everything we have the capacity to love isn't about monetary's about passion! It doesn't have to be a business, but something that excites you to the core. Something to look forward to.

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not, I challenge you to find or revisit something you love. Maybe you're that person that walks around Hobby Lobby for two hours thinking of all the things you could make, but you walk out empty handed. Or maybe you buy ALL THE THINGS just for them to end up in a dark closet. Maybe you dance yourself silly in front of your bedroom mirror but keep talking yourself out of taking that class. Maybe you do want to change careers but practicality keeps you from making the switch. It's time to take action! Love yourself enough to love the life that you have. Years ago I heard someone say, "People Do What They Want To Do, " and it's never left me. I know this to be true. So can you find the time to fall in love? I'd really enjoy hearing your stories....................

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I love this! It blessed me and reminded me that my passion and love for things that bring me joy have been silenced for far too long! Thank you for the gentle nudge my friend!


Such a beautiful journey. Finding love for the things do. Inspiration from the people around you. And that Love and inspiration combining into a passion that blesses many. That is life and life more abundantly.

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