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Hello......Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

Well, here we are with a long....really long awaited blog!

This is me explaining to my son why you can say Happy New Year this late in January.

Ok Leslie, why do I need to read another blog?

I'm glad you asked that question! Because you're already here buying soap, body butter or another of my products to make or keep your skin fabulous and happy. That's my most practical answer, but it could be just because you'd like to take a few minutes to see what's "Beyond The Bubbles." Either way, I'm going to give insight, answers and opinions on everything from behind the scenes looks at running my business and maintaining a personal life, to tons of ways to be inspired by trying something new, keeping healthy skin, enjoying great food, know, all the beautiful things.

So take a few minutes to escape..........

That's it! Just like my wonderful products, you'll have a few minutes to oooh and ahhh over fun stuff, cool stuff, pretty stuff that will be delivered right here every month. As I share my thoughts and lots of things that I really enjoy, I hope you'll open up the dialogue and share with me too.

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