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  • So you've already added the 3 soap bundle to the cart for the gift box but it still looks a bit empty..............⁠🎁⁠

    How do you round out the box/basket to give an entire experience? ⁠✨⁠

    The solution is simple! Add in a couple of soap nets, a cooling gel eye mask and a gently exfoliating wash cloth. ⁠✨⁠

    These self care accessories elevate time in the bathroom by turning it into a home spa. ⁠💆🏽‍♀️⁠

    Speaking of self care, you can always add a few to the cart for yourself.⁠👍🏽⁠

    Each one is designed to help you feel more relaxed, have clean happy skin and a radiant glow.⁠ ✨⁠

    Self Care and Gift Accessories

    Excluding Sales Tax
    • ~ Lather soap with wash cloth massage onto skin, rinse and proceed as usual.

      ~ Put soap bar into soap net, wet and lather up while massaging onto skin, rinse and proceed as usual.

      ~ Eye mask is Suitable for both cool and warm applications. DO NOT place on skin if too warm or cold to the touch. DO NOT microwave more than 15 seconds.

      Wash cloth and soap net made of natural ramie fabric.

      Discontinue use if skin becomes irritated.

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