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Who needs soap? You need soap!!!

So the last time I wrote, it was to tell you all about my upcoming move and temporary shipping changes. Well, the move went well and we've settled in nicely despite all that's going on in the world which at times still seems so surreal to me. From a personal standpoint, I'm hoping and praying for safety for all, that precautions are being taken both physically and emotionally.....remembering to be gracious to yourself and others. The struggle is real folks, and while I mostly don't mind a slower pace and being in the house, I do miss the freedom of going to Home Depot for flowers or Hobby Lobby just because.....or even going for groceries without being on high alert.

From a professional/business standpoint, it's a lot easier for me to run this business since it's just me doing everything and I can thankfully assure you all I have been following proper procedures in social distancing with local porch pick-up or appointment only scheduling as well as continued hygiene, disinfecting and sanitizing protocols.

I will start a SGS Live weekly update on my Facebook soap page, to let you know about new products, sales, giveaways and mostly just to stay in touch. If you're not following my page, you can find it at This Thursday (I haven't decided what time yet, sorry) I'll have a set put together that I'm calling the Sanity Soap Sack or S3 for short, so that is something you'll want to tune in for and I'll also update you on the new body cream scents available.

I'm not a therapist by any means, but just try to deal with all that's going on in your life one day at a time, and find a bit of happiness in the little things.

See you Thursday!

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