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When is being busy too busy? Show and tell!

So for any of you that have been paying attention, you know that I did not post in April or May.................oh my goodness it's been busy!!! I've been meeting lots of new people, many that have become clients. I've been making soap and playing with new products and scents. I'm always thinking about how to make things website, products, my organizational skills, etc.

One new product out now is Body Sweets: sugar scrub cubes, that's right CUBES!!! I got this idea because when I use jar scrubs I tend to make a mess and so i used a small amount of melt & pour soap to turn sugar scrub into cube forms, so all you need to do is take one, crush it in your hand and scrub away! I started out with a fresh grapefruit scent, but other scents are coming soon.

I've had quite a few personal and military events along with my daughter's birthday and my 23rd wedding anniversary. Then tomorrow I have a big event in St. Louis that I've made an extra 300 bars of soap for outside of my normal inventory. The rest of my Summer is pretty busy but what keeps me from being too busy or feeling stressed? NAPS!!! It's really that simple. No matter what I have going on , I listen to my body and will always make time to lay down even if it's a 20 minute power nap. It does wonders for me physically and mentally. We listen to our bodies when we're hungry, thirsty or in pain right? Look, there is no badge of honor for being so busy that you can't see straight. If you don't take care of yourself, your body will eventually shut down for's only going to do so much in an effective way.

I'd love to hear some ways you keep from getting too busy or overly stressed......................

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