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What Happens When You Go Away For A Month?

Hey Everybody!

There's so much going on right now with getting this newsletter out and preparing for the Fall season, that I thought this was the best time for a few updates.

I will be heading to Alaska again this year, but instead of being gone for a week, it'll be a whole month! Yep, Ike and I will be teaching and doing life with 11 new couples each week over the time that we're there.

We get to take in the beauty of Alaska while sharing the tools for having a healthy marriage. We also get to go on amazing excursions and eat delicious food!

We originally thought we would be gone for the month of August and I have been planning accordingly, BUT due to some health issues with a chaplain's spouse, we are going 2 weeks early which means we leave next week! So deadline for orders is Monday July 10th. Any orders that come after that will not be processed until August 21st.

Don't worry though, your weekly Soap & Life Newsletter will still hit your inbox with some good stuff so be on the lookout for what's to come!

Until next time.................

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