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We made it!!! Now What???

Hey Everybody...we made it through Re-launch weekend and Cyber Monday!!!

It was all so much fun! There was dancing and singing and shopping.......lots & lots of shopping! Thank you for all of your support!

.....and so the work and the fun continues, as I get to do what I love in my new streamlined, grown-up business.....

.......and keep creating the irresistible products that you all have come to love.

So what now? Despite the glitches and kinks that have to be worked out, I'll be posting here and in the community forum more often to keep everyone informed about all things Simply Good Soap!

You'll get the details of the forum in the next post, but just know that there will be lots of useful information and fun as I'll have guest bloggers on everything from health & nutrition, to all stages of life changes big and small. I'm so excited for this!

I hope you'll all join me there!

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