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The scents of Summer

Hey Everybody!

The official first day of summer is next Tuesday! Do you have big plans? One big thing we're planning here at SGS is next week's $10 Tuesday with Perfume oils! Made with jojoba oil, you can smell delicious and have silky soft skin too. Choose from Hugs & Kisses, Midnight Dance, Georgia Peach, Exotic Tonic or Vanilla Amber. If this promotion goes well, we'll have a different set of scents for the Fall. What scent would you like to see then?

If you were hoping for Black Salt & Honey, don't worry....that's our VIP scent for June. The VIP subscription box that's been going out has the soap bar, luxurious body cream and fabulous bath salt that will wrap you in a blanket of wildflowers and sweet honey. It's so easy to upgrade to the subscription, then you can have the joy of Simply Good Soap delivered every month with no trips to the gas station.