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The Must Have of 2022!

The VIP Subscription Box! Whether you are new to Simply Good Soap, been here since the beginning or fit somewhere in between, this subscription will deliver delightful treats to experience every month right to your mailbox.

Now you can luxuriate in scents and products like Bare Skin, Apple Sage and Vanilla Amber in soap bars, sugar scrubs, moisturizers and more that can only be accessed through this box with no added shipping to the price!

Keep yourself or someone you love with happy skin all year long using ultra rich, intensely hydrating products that will charm and dazzle every month.

PLUS you become part of the Simply Good Soap VIP Community Forum with additional perks including lots of info, hacks, freebies and how - to's covering every season and life stage you're in or headed toward!

There is so much more than just a subscription box here, it's fabulous products and the building of a beautiful community! You're not going to want to miss Stephanie Butler of Move That body & Soul as my first guest blogger for the New Year!

Do Something Lovely For Yourself and Let's Upgrade for the 2022!

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