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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most beautiful

I'm sure by now, everyone knows that we're back from Alaska. As much as I loved the time spent there, I'm so glad to be home. I missed the kids (young adults) and my porch, bed and just padding around the house in my socks or house shoes with all of the familiar sounds and smells.

My daughter kept my plants alive, so it was nice to go out early and water them and just watch neighbors going about their day. Just enjoying the simple things.

That being said, as I got back into my routine and looked at the calendar and planner I realized that Summer is quickly coming to an end!

The season went by really quickly for me, as I had gotten used to temperatures in the 50s and 60s just to come back home to 95 and above. I thought I had more time. It's good for me though because my favorite season happens to be Fall but I have friends who LOVE Summer and are even sad when it's over.

That got me thinking about a time when I heard someone talking about "end of summer blues" and I know that this is a real thing, so I put together a little list of some simple ways that may make the transition easier.

Here are 6 Simple Ways To Beat The End Of Summer Blues!

  1. Treat yourself! This is one of those things that has a wide range, but I was thinking of a cute accessory that you can wear into the next season. I'm currently into head scarves and bucket hats and I really need to stop ordering them, but with the change of weather they are so useful that I need colors that go with everything! :)

  2. Take a Staycation - Take a day off to enjoy being outside or just changing up your typical schedule. Go to a gallery, hang out at the zoo or find a new eatery that you haven't tried before.

  3. Meet an old or new friend for coffee - I'm pretty sure it's not just me who has told someone "hey let's get together soon" only for months to fly by and we haven't even sent a text? Well, go ahead and make a plan then follow through. It's fun to catch up and share some laughs with a friend and a delicious cup of coffee.

  4. Curl up with a new book or an old favorite - I have to be in the mood to re-read a book that I already have and books can be expensive so I made time to run by the library last week and grab a few things I haven't read. I'm a fan of suspense/thrillers, so if you have some good recommendations, I'd love to hear them.

  5. Switch up your music play list - I got this suggestion from my daughter. I enjoy many different genres of music but I can definitely get stuck when I'm working out or even being here at the studio. She showed me where she recently made a childhood memories playlist and I thought it was a great idea! So if you like but rarely listen to soundtracks, 80s music, classical cello or whatever, give your days a boost and listen to something fun and new!

  6. Finally, get productive! - All of the above will hopefully motivate you for the new season. Also, you can get a new planner, gel pens and stickers! We all have things to do whether you work primarily outside or inside of your home, there are lists that sometimes seem never-ending. Whatever your situation, remember to take time to rest, rejuvenate and renew! you're no good to anybody if your burnt out and look run over!

Do you have things to add to the list? Please let us all know!

Until next time....................

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