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Sneak Peak Part 1

Y'all! These new brand colors are giving me LIFE!!! 🌟

I ❤️ the new packaging for the 8oz and 4oz body butters, but there is so much more for you all to

see ! 👀

🤩Khira @kbrandsltd masterfully utilized every color in my branding color scheme while keeping it all cohesive for a beautiful presentation of my


✨The same fabulous super hydrating butter + luxurious packaging = a display worthy favorite product for your countertops and nightstands! ✨

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Stephanie Butler
Stephanie Butler
06 Eki 2021

Ohhhh wow!!!! Just that peek is A-mazing!!


Not yet. I will look now. So excited for you!!!


Wow!! The the colors!!

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Have you seen all of them? They are so pretty and sophisticated. This re-launch in November is going to be Amazing!!! 😊

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