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Slowvember! Let's make this season cozy and restful!

Hey Everybody,

Autumn is in full effect with the changing colors of the trees and hopefully nice cool weather wherever you are. The mornings are perfectly crisp, but the afternoons are still a bit toasty for me here in Columbia.

Anyway, I'm excited to update you with everything that's going on around here.......

November for many marks the start of Christmas shopping season and it's easy to get caught in a frenzy of lists, invitations, gatherings, etc. With the excitement of Thanksgiving, travel, decorating and all of that, don't forget to take a moment or two to slow down and really enjoy the time. Consider being more deliberate..............

More deliberate with our time.....pick and choose the invitations to accept and which ones to pass on. Make sure you get some time to take a nap or just sit in the quiet or read a good book.

More deliberate with ourselves.....whoever you're spending time with this season, be ALL there. This is when you need to put your book down, or your phone (ahem) and look people in the eye, talk and listen. Or just enjoy the quiet together.

More deliberate with our spending.....moneywise this year has been crazy. We all have bills to pay and sometimes that means cut backs. So as we approach the season where we typically spend the most money, maybe come up with a few ways to do it better.

I'm starting the season of Slowvember. I am deliberately slowing down and trying really hard not to rush through my days, just to think of it all as a blur by the time I go to bed. Even in my planning for SGS I've had to pump the brakes a few times, regroup and here are the results.......

~ I'll post a Gift Guide next week if you're looking for something luxurious but practical and need a bit of help in deciding. The gift sets are really simple. 1. 3 soap bundle 2. 3 butter bundle and 3. build your own gift set with 1 each of a soap bar, 4oz butter, cream or dude grease, a lotion bar and a soap net. These will be available through November (or until I run out of a scent).

The cool thing about these sets are that there are a few special scents added.....bare skin, black amber & lavender, black salt & honey, honey apple, little black dress, ocean breeze and rose gold. The numbers are limited.

~ For my locals, I'm doing a Pop Up November 11 - 12 here at my studio.

~ Soap bars and Body cream are now available on Amazon Prime with FREE standard shipping.

~ Small Business Saturday is November 26th and it will be be a FREE shipping day.

Lastly, the VIP Subscription Box scent is Apple Sage! Tart sweet green apple with savory sage create a lusciously delightful scent that will make you completely giddy about spending some extra time in the bathroom! This box will have soap, butter and sugar scrub....pure bliss!

Have a great weekend!

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