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Shutting Things Down...........

First things first.....what am I shutting down? Well if you've seen my IG video then you already know, but if you didn't then the shutdown is my Amazon Handmade account.

Truthfully, it just all became too much. Analytics, graphs, charts, campaigns. Too much busy, crazy stuff that started to make me feel anxious and not love what I was doing.

Business is hard enough as it is, but if you lose focus of your goals, then it's something else altogether. I didn't want to lose my passion at the cost of being an Amazon Brand and getting caught in the trap of jumping through hoops for the possibility (not even a guarantee) of popularity or money. I've worked too hard to deal with foolishness.

And that's enough about that.

Spring is here and I hope you have lovely weather wherever you are! April is around the corner and with it comes a fabulous VIP box. Intrigue is back! This scent is a perfect and refined mix of fruity citrus, floral jasmine and earthy sandalwood and amber. It's refreshing and enticing with rich hydrating lather that gently conditions your skin.