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Ready For Summer?

June! We're getting ready for the start of Summer as well as Father's Day to plan for as the weather goes from warm to hot around most of the country.

How are you doing? Making plans for a fantastic vacation or staycation? Do you celebrate Father's Day? Juneteenth? Some other special day for you and your loved ones?

What are you looking forward to? I'm looking forward to lazy days on my back porch with Ike and the kids. Billowy sundresses and tying my hair up with scarves. Finding and enjoying fresh fruit, making slushies and turning on the bubble machine.

Whatever your plans are, I've got what you need to smell fabulously delicious, while keeping hydrated skin with a sun kissed glow.

Let's start with the June VIP scent.......Java Java! It's my famous coffee soap made with fresh brewed espresso, that I swirl the grounds through to give a light exfoliation and a nice perk to conditioning your skin. The box will include the luxurious body cream, a coffee sugar scrub and a mesh soap net for easy travel.

And to celebrate the father's you can get Dude Soap Bars in the 3 Soap Bundle for the WHOLE MONTH! No code needed, just go to the bundle and make your choices.

Lastly, Summer gives me time to plan and I've been lining up the rest of the scents for the VIP boxes through December. Here's the list so you can plan ahead too.

June: Java Java (coffee) ☕️⁠

July: Spa Day (Waterlily & Jasmine)🪷⁠

August: Salt & Rain (Misty Rain, casaba melon)⁠

September: Lemongrass Lavender (Lovely) 🌾🍋⁠

October: Honey Apple Rain (sweet apple, patchouli) 🍎⁠

November: Glam Fancy (sparkling fruit, hyacinth) 💫⁠

December: Bliss (riesling pear, strawberry) 🍐🍓⁠

Hopefully this will help you plan on what to keep and what to gift or if you need to send an extra gift subscription! 😉 ⁠

Until next time!

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