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Pre- Ordering starts now!

So as promised, here are some important dates to put on your calendar as we continue the fabulous work of the rebranding process!

First, you can PRE-ORDER the Pretty All Day Facial Moisturizer today through October 8th! After that, you won't be able to order it until the launch date.

These changes are because of the fact that we are getting all new packaging

Next, Body Butter will ship starting October 15th, pretty much until I run out, which won't take long and then you won't be able to order until the launch date.

As a side note, if your favorite scent of Luxurious Body Cream didn't make the list of the 16 website scents, then you will want to order whatever is left ASAP for the same reasons with packaging changes.

Lastly, the Launch Date is November 27th, the same day as Small Business Saturday!!! This will be an excellent time to finish or maybe begin Christmas and other Holiday shopping!

So here is a list of the 16 scents that will take over the website!

~pretty facial bar ~harvest fig

~eucalyptus mint ~rosemary lemon

~beautiful woods ~OMH (oatmeal, milk & honey)

~happy place ~aloe & oatmeal (unscented)

~lavender luxe ~hipster dude

~pineapple cilantro ~dapper dude

~frankincense & myrrh ~rugged dude

~rise & shine ~mysterious dude

More info coming soon!

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