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New Year, Now What?

Happy New Year two weeks in! Some of us may still be in a fog from last year, seeing how things are still crazy. The month of December kept me pretty busy but I did have lapses in remembering what day it was.....I'm kind of still in that space. Even with my trusty planner and to - do lists, my days can easily just drift together. Maybe because I have a major birthday coming next month........50! I'm thankful and very much looking forward to my birthday month (yes, I celebrate the whole month), but I can definitely see and feel changes.

Well, the benefit of my birthday for you is that during the month of February, watch out for several Flash Sales for getting different products at 50% off!!!! Sorry, this won't include Valentine's Gift Sets, but those are coming too. I'm getting a little ahead of myself, so I need to back up and tell you that I'll be doing Facebook live January 28th 2pm Eastern time. You'll get to see some of what's been keeping me so busy......changing the studio around was the biggest. I'll be showing you the space with these lovely paper flowers I learned to make! It's time consuming but so therapeutic! Also, I've revamped the sugar scrub cubes and now there is an amazing Body Polish sugar scrub in a jar that's made with mango butter, avocado oil, vitamin e and liquid cashmere!!!! Dude! It's so good!! As much as I tried I couldn't get the cubes to be the consistency that made me just love them and many of you asked for regular scrub in a jar, so I listened. Did I say that it's So Good??!!

Well, I just wanted to pop in and say hello and let you know that there are good things to come!

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