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New Scent, Same Happy Skin!!!

Hey there! I hope you've all had a lovely weekend as we wrap up May and memorial day remembrances and look forward to June! Last month was so busy, and now I'm easing into the heat of Summer with a new scent.....Georgia Peach now comes in a soap bar! It's a delightful peach scent that doesn't have a candy kind of smell. It's so good and the lather is just wonderful. I've also been updating my photos for the custom Body Mist, that you can get in any of the seasonal scents including Georgia Peach.

The fist day of Summer is also Father's Day (June 20th) and if you're still looking to get some gifts or just add to what you need to get through the season, all orders that are $50 or more get free shipping ALL MONTH!!!! Use code FreeJuneShip at checkout. If you haven't been on social media, there is also my Bath Balm foaming bath salts and Soap Bar Box Sets (there is a Dude Box available ;) ) to check out as well to keep your skin happy through summer and beyond!

Until next time..........

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