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January Happiness....

Here are just a few things that are bringing a smile to my face during this cold, drab month.

1. Do you have a favorite flower/ flower color? I love so many different kinds, but these basic grocery store daisies were just what I needed for the gray, dreary days this month.

2. Recently my hubby purchased a frother and it makes the fluffiest, most creamy cup of coffee that is a lovely start to my day.

3. I recently discovered this brand of delicious chocolate that gives ten percent of it's profit back to saving our wildlife.

4. This citrus, ocean clean mixed with the floral of lilies scent is over the top amazing! It's called Midnight Dance and it's one of many custom Floral Vibes skin Mists that I create. I also make soap and body butter in this scent. ;)

5. What's better than carving out some time to curl up with a warm throw and a good book? I'm currently reading this as a read aloud to my family, trying to turn them into Dekker fans like me! Are you reading anything good right now?

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