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January Scent of the Month & Our first Guest Blogger!

Party in the shower....with this celebratory scent guaranteed to make your shoulders shimmy and give a little body roll!

Start the New Year feeling sassy and invigorated with uplifting citrusy bergamot, orange and lemon zest mixed with blue lilies, hyacinth and sparkling cassis.

Our Midnight Dance is a beautiful bar that you'll only be able to get your hands on through the VIP Subscription box, so don't wait to sign up and get yours before they are gone!

And then..............

Meet our very first guest blogger, Stephanie Butler!

This is a new quarterly series I wanted to start as a part of the VIP Subscription Box Experience. It's more than just a box with fabulous products!

The forum will be more of an e-magazine/journal where we can learn as well as share information and our own encounters all while lifting each other up and cheering each other on!

So you just need to sign up for the subscription and get over to the forum to read on what insightful, funny and challenging words Stephanie is sharing.

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