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I'm back from Alaska!

So those of you that follow me on social media already knew that I went to Alaska last week, and I made it back safely! Let me start by saying that if you've never been to this state and get the opportunity to go.....then GO!!! It is beautiful beyond words..........

We went to join combat veterans for a marriage retreat and instead of shadowing our friends who work there, we ending up teaching and counseling. Aside from the work part, we also flew in a tiny plane to see grizzly bears, hiked, climbed the side of a waterfall, went fly fishing and ate way too much fabulous food! We are hoping to go back many times as we fell in love with all of the people we got to meet and work with.

Before leaving, I got some things done with planning for Fall, my Amazon Handmade page and the VIP Subscription Boxes.

For my local people, I put in another application for the NOMA Flea for November and whether I'm there or not, I will also post at least one pop up for Christmas shopping! Amazon sends more resources to be successful than I can keep up with, but I am working on my ratings and page presentation. I am also able to offer FREE standard SHIPPING on some of my products! Pop on over to Amazon Handmade, then type in Simply Good Soap LLC and see which of your favorites are there.

Last but not least, this month's VIP Subscription Box scent is Black Amber & Lavender! This scent is the perfect transition fragrance from summer to fall. With notes of amber, lavender, and black myrrh, it's light enough for warmer temperatures but the vanilla and clary sage make it intoxicating and cozy like your favorite sweater. Treat yourself to Happy Skin!

P.S. I'm adding a bonus scent this month too!

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