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I Have An announcement!!!!

.......I'm REBRANDING!!!

Hey there Everybody! As many of you know, this has been a big year of milestones for me and my family. The Hubs and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, my baby girl turned 21, I turned 50 and I celebrated Simply Good Soap LLC's 7th year!

So maybe it's the 7 year itch?😉 Really it's more about being settled. We came to South Carolina and purchased our dream/retirement home right at the beginning of the pandemic, even though my husband is not retiring yet (that's a story for another post).

Beyond my birthday month (February) festivities, I felt like I was truly growing up and becoming........

So I felt that it was time for my business to grow up with me....she's a grown woman now y'all! 😂

I started some research, and after narrowing down to several companies, I hired a FABULOUS brand/website designer that you'll find out more about in the weeks to come. Now I'm on a journey that I'm so excited about and I want to share the experience and excitement with all of you!

So stay on the lookout for sneak peaks and behind the scenes info, pictures and video footage as we work to make Simply Good Soap LLC something even more beautiful and special than it has been these last seven years.

And Thank You so much to those who knew before this post that have been steadily checking on me and cheering me on!

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