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Hey Everybody....Happy New Year!!!

Here we are jumping into a brand new year, hopefully with new dreams and goals! Last year had a lot going on and I learned a TON of lessons good, bad and ugly! As I celebrated my 50th birthday, our family also settled in our new home as my hubby is retiring from military life! We are now happy South Carolinian's!

With all of the settling I decided Simply Good Soap needed an overhaul and some I rebranded.

Because my launch was in November, I'm still going through the "birthing pains" and still getting some kinks knocked out, but overall it's been a fantastic journey and will only get better in 2022!

As I'm always thinking about how I can do/make something better, I'd love to hear about your dreams, goals and even what you'd like to see from Simply Good Soap!

You can reach me in the comment section, the DMs, on the Blog or in the VIP Forum and we can chat it up and maybe even spark a new idea!

Thank you to all of you who've been supporting me & SGS, even before the polish!


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