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Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is the day! It's Simply Good Soap's 8th year anniversary!! Of course, there would be no celebration if it weren't for my lovely and supportive clientele. So as a thank you, you can have FREE SHIPPING all day today!!!

This is a good time to grab a bunch of your favorites or even do some early Mother's Day shopping.

Just type in FREESHIP8 and you're all set.

And speaking of Mother's Day, maybe you'll be doing a lot of shopping on Amazon....because really who isn't?

Well, if you pop over to the Amazon Handmade section, you can find SGS products there too! As an added bonus, if you get 3 of the same soap bars you get 10% off of your purchase.

Shopping in one spot and getting your happy skin fix is easy peasy!

Tomorrow, I'll post the next VIP Subscription Box scent and be on the look out for more soap making videos.

Have a great week!


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