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Ch-ch- changes! (in my David Bowie voice)

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Hey there! I hope your holiday and New Year went and started off fabulously! I traveled A LOT but I've really enjoyed the last few months since my last post. I am also looking forward to everything about this new year, particularly that my family and I are moving to South Carolina! Lots of you already know that we are a military family, so moving is just a part of what we do every few years. This time however we are buying a house instead of renting and I've had every possible emotion because of it! We've owned a few houses in the past and thought we wouldn't buy again until retirement several years away, but here we are and I've become so excited that I want to just tell everybody!

The move is happening a little bit faster than originally planned and so there are some changes in the works for my Simply Good Soap schedule. The first being that you'll have until Friday, March 6th to order and then I must close up shop to actually move. Shipping will start again on the last Monday of the month, March 30th. Along with an address change, be on the look out for some scent and product changes as well.

With all of the changes going on along with crazy weather, I like to lower my stress levels with exercise, hot tea and a hot bath or shower......which makes me think of the New Spring scents coming March 1st! Oh My goodness they are FABULOUS!!!!! you do not want to miss these soap bars with coordinating body butters!

So, what's going on in your lives?

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Heeey!!! You guys are coming to our side of the world!!! Sounds like I will be bugging Leon for a road trip!!

The new year has brought mixed blesssings but exciting and expected ones. We are now officially empty nesters and that was a way harder transition than I thought!! But I am finding my way as a retired SAHM and starting my own adventures!! Looking forward to wear God is leading me and Leon and the boys!! I guess I should say young men!!!

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