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Body Butter Shipping Starts TODAY!!!

Hey Everybody! I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the first few weeks of Autumn!

We are half way through October and that means BODY BUTTER!!!! Shipping starts today so your favorite scents are waiting for you!

Also, because we only have a couple of weeks left, I'll let you know now that there will be a gift guide coming on Instagram and Facebook, along with THE Holiday "Build Your Own" Gift Set. This will be fun because there will be some surprise scents in both soap and butters.....possibly lotion bars too! Stay tuned for details on when and how you can grab them for all of those that you want to smell fabulous!

Lastly, although I'm running low on butters, Honey Apple is the VIP Subscription Box scent this month and it smells and feels as delicious as ever. If you move fast, you can still snag one of the last boxes before i have to shut it all down and start on next month.

If you're on IG and or Facebook, don't forget to follow me on @thesimplygoodsoapllc and @lifewithleslie116.

Have a great weekend!

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