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Backing up and Starting over.

Hey Everybody,

Even though it's been raining everywhere that I've been for two weeks now, Happy Summer! The first day of summer was officially yesterday, and it's time to have a little fun in the sun...hopefully.

As many of you know, I'm always thinking of how to do something better, whether that means doing something new or cutting something back. Well, I'm going to do a little of both.

If you're on social media then you know there is a lot going on.......there are constant changes. Posts, Reels, Stories, Analytics, Insights, Verifications, so much to keep up with. Y'all know how I feel about tech stuff. Maybe it's menopause, but I'm having a moment and it's all getting on my nerves.

So I'm not going off line, but I will cut my posts back a bit and instead I'm bringing back my Weekly Newsletter! That's right, an old school (go figure) way of communication minus AI and chatbots or whatever.

The difference between the blog and the newsletter is that the newsletter will be short tidbits of info for what's going on between Simply Good Soap and my personal brand Life With Leslie from both Instagram and Facebook. There will be links to read longer articles or to get here where I'll give detailed info and maybe go on a rant or two.

There will also be links to get you to product pages quickly so you can keep your skin happy too!

The blog will continue monthly, unless there is something special happening that I need to talk about sooner. And again, it'll be longer, like it is now. :)

To receive the newsletter, just click the button below that takes you back to the home page of the website where you can sign up......easy peasy!

Until next time...............

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