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Are We There Yet???

We are just a smidge past mid - February and I don't know about you, but the weather is getting toasty slowly but surely here in South Carolina. It's going to hit 80 this week!

That means Spring is coming and we've got some good and not so good changes happening.

Let's start with the not good........

Body Butter Shipping will stop March 3rd by midnight!!! This will be your last day to grab your favorite scents until October, because who really wants to pay express shipping??? On the bright side, you can still get Luxurious Body Cream to keep your skin feeling soft & looking radiant all through Summer.

Here are the good..........

~ The March VIP Box is going to be a Sampler Box again this year! This was one of the favorite boxes from last year, so this time around you'll get - a full size shampoo bar - and a half bar each of Black Amber & Lavender and Hugs & Kisses, plus body cream and body polish. This will make springing forward not so bad.

~ You can find my soap bars and body creams on Amazon and get FREE shipping!

When you order from either Amazon or the Website please leave a review of the product(s) as this always helps me with placement in the Google search engines and such.

Until next time......

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