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3 Days Left For Body Butter Shipping!!!

Hey there! Well, as many of you know, it's that time of year where warmer temperatures get us in the mood for all things Spring! Here in south Carolina it's beautifully warm out and I suspect the temperatures will not drop very much from here until Autumn returns. that being said, Double Butter Body Butter will stop shipping at the end of the day Monday march 15th! all of my locals can still make an appointment to come by, but because it's important to me that the butters arrive to you as they look on the site, this has to happen. So HURRY and grab a stash of your favorite scents to get you through Summer!

Speaking of scents, have you tried any of the new Spring/Summer Collection? Among the AMAZING new scents are Patchouli Rain.....which is a fresh rain and earthy patchouli with notes of lily of the valley, cyclamen, moss and sweet citrus. Then there is Spa Day.....a beautiful mix of waterlily and jasmine and finally there is Swoon.....a musky, woodsy scent with a hint of mulled fruit, citrus, spiceberry and sandalwood. These scents come in soap bar and body butter. Tumeric Honey is an unscented bar with tumeric powder and raw honey. And don't forget your other favorites to include, Splendor, Bare Skin, Black Amber & Lavender, Happy Place, Intrigue, Pineapple Cilantro, Rise & Shine, and Rose Gold. Black salt & Honey will be back for Summer and I'm still working on that Peach scented bar, so keep a look out!

Have a great weekend!!!

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