Simply. Good. Soap.

The name says it all. SGS is a collection of body pampering products created to ba an experience shared by everyone. All of the hand-crafted items are simple, good and go beyond ordinary lotions and soaps.


Simply - Simple, natural and essential ingredients such as green tea, jojoba, myrrh, ginger, lemon, lavender, oatmeal and shea are used to craft products to awaken the senses and bring into being a one of a kind "boutique experience."

Good - Have you ever looked at travel magazines or television shows and dreamt of going to a remote island or a vacation getaway, a world famous spa or recreating a family event? Every Simply Good Soap creation is designed to bring to mind "fond memories and encounters" to take you back or to move you forward to somewhere you want to be.


Soap - Soaps such as "Let's Go!" or "Eucalyptus Mint" are cleansing and invigorating to your your skin. Lotion bars like "Lavender Luxe" and body butters such as "Vanilla Amber" replenish and nourish your skin, awaken your senses and provide wonderful fragrance that stays with you throughout the day. Every single hand-crafted item has one special ingredient listed that is not found in commercial items...."Love." No one item is alike and in turn becomes what it was meant to be.....a unique, whimsical, but elegant experience. C'mon make your skin happy........